2020 Youth Summit


February 1, 2020


Grace Christian Center
1401 E Elms Rd
Killeen, TX  


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Family Matters: Overcoming the Hand You Were Dealt

Facilited by Mrs. Shirley Jenkins

Teen Pregnancies (Parenting/Responsibilities)

Facilitated by Mrs. Bonita McGowan

Parentless Children (Role Model Parents / Children Parenting Parents)

Facilitated by Michael Davis and Tieara Hodges

Alcohol, Vaping, and Drug Driving (Distractions and Destructions of Life)

Facilitated by Mrs. Barbara Maufas

Guest Speakers

Joe Segarra
Honorable Mayor Joe Segarra
Mark Kimball
Honorable Judge Mark Kimball
Charles Kimble
Charles Kimble, KPD Chief
Daryl Peters
Daryl Peters, Justice of the Peace

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