Crush the thought of drinking and driving.

Alcohol abuse advisor for adolescents and young adults.

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The mission of AYADD Outreach Center is to raise the awareness about the severity of adolescents (ages 12-21) with alcohol and minor drug related use and abuse. Do you have a compelling desire to make a difference in the lives of our youth?

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AYADD offers preventative program services through youth summits, youth symposiums, team building events, and sober recreational activities

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 AYADD Outreach
Center is a 501(c) (3)
Non-Profit proactive educational organization, serving the Central Texas area,
to raise public awareness about issues related to alcohol consumption and abuse
in young people, and to provide education to both parents and youth about the
dangers and health related consequences.

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Since 2011 AYADD Outreach has
served people within the local community and the surrounding areas. AYADD services are designed to bridge the gap between families and community by providing support groups, advisory/coaching, alcohol education, assessments, interventions, and sober
recreational activities. We conduct fundraisers, accept financial donations, and charitable items as contributions that can be used to support the organization’s events & services.


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12 -21 years on a case by case basis.

Youth are frequently referred to us for fulfilment of Court appointed Community Service obligations.

We are affiliated with community resources that we can direct you to for assistance.

Alcohol abuse resource center for adolescents and young adults.